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Our Background

We've been in the same place doing taxes, payroll and bookkeeping for over 20 years. Tom started the company after working for one of the other big box companies. He got disheartened watching this company take advantage of hard working people and with the help of his Mom and later his wife Tori, decided to start his own. Now its Tom and his wife Tori doing taxes and payroll.

Our Mission

To quote Tom, "I work for You". Our goal is to help everyone that we can to resolve their tax issues and get them the highest amount of their money back allowable by law. As well as preparing them for their future, such as children leaving and going to college, retirement and helping them to build their business with a solid financial foundation.

Personalized Service

We treat every client, whether they're a payroll client or a tax client, individually and like family. Some of our clients we've literally watched grow up and start their own families. We don't close up shop after tax day, we're there all year round (except for vacations and Sundays of course).

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