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With so many Tax Companies out there, you have to ask yourself why should you give TnT Tax Service a chance.

Hello my name is Thomas Nichols Jr., at TnT Tax Service we give every client our personal attention. We don't work on a time system or on a percentage of your refund or income. We charge a flat rate depending on what type of tax return you need completed. Plus you also get my extensive knowledge of tax preparation.

At TnT Tax Service we assure you that we will save you money over those big box tax companies. We keep our overhead low and pass those savings on to you. Just come in and try us, You will be glad you did.

Our main goal is to make sure each of our clients pay the least amount they legally have to pay. We also remember that every client has different needs. At TnT Tax Service we will make sure you get every deduction that you are legally entilted to.





Over 20 years experience in Tax Preparation.

I have over 20 years experience in personal income tax preparation, I also have over 16 years in business tax preparation. We are always looking into ways to help out small buisiness's and individuals in completing their tax returns, as well as helping them with ways to set themselves up to accurately control their costs and saving as much as legally possible on their tax returns. At TnT Tax Service we will always do our personal best to help each and everyone of our clients do the best to utilize all of their earning potential.

Our office is open all year round. You will be always be able to get a hold of us with any questions regarding your tax situation not just a person who is working in the main office. We realize that Tax questions don't just come up during Jan through April we will be there throughout the year to help you.


When you come into TnT Tax Service I give you these personal promises that you will not get at those big tax services.

* I will always Remember that I am working for you.
* I will always Establish a friendly relationship with you.
* I will always Save you the most legally possible.
* I will always Provide you with the same tax preparer year after year.
* I will always Examine every aspect of your Tax Return to help you.
* I will always Conduct myself in a very professional manner.
* I will always Treat you with the respect you deserve.
* I will always DO the best I can for you.

We are centrally located in Louisville, Ky.
Thomas E Nichols Jr
Office: (502)-968-9916
Cell: (502) 819-3866
Fax: (502) 968-9911
Address: 8003 William G Penny Ln.
Louisville, Ky 40219

E-mail address: thomas@tnttaxservice.com
We are located in Okolona just off the corner of Preston Hwy and Blue Lick Rd.

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